Event organisation evaluation

The event that had been organised by us and many other people that’s contributed was a great success. Although I wasn’t able to attend the event I have been informed that it went very well.

The planning for the event consisted of a number of meetings to discuss the different of aspects of the event and what would be shown there and the layout was  considered also.

There were many different things that were displayed at the event such the oculus rift which is a vr headset that people could come in a try. These was also different pieces of work from the art department that was also shown there. Also there was some of our work that was displayed there also.

In the end up the event really well and all of the planning was a big help for the final outcome.


3D Evaluation

The 3D project went really well and I really enjoyed it. The process of actually make the 3D model was really fun and was a great success in the end.

There were a few things that I struggled with they were things such as different techniques that I could apply to my 3D model but once I was was shown how that certain technique was done I was fine to do it again myself.

If I was to do this project again then I would probably sketch all of my different models first and then recreate them in the 3D environment. The planning process is very important when it comes to a project like this because when you start designing the model you have no idea where to start.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my 3D work as I had never used any 3D creation/animation software before. The only thing that I am disappointed with is the resolution that i had to render my 3D work out in, because I was short of time I didn’t render my video in full HD I only rendered it in 720p which makes the animation look okay but it could look a lot better if it were rendered in full HD.

Creating this 3D animation was fairly easy because if my was stuck of if a had a problem that I could not overcome then the tutor would help me then I could continue on with my work.

I am pleased with the overall result and I like to do this project again and next time i would take more time with the planning and I would also take the time to render my video into full HD. Also I would add more content to my 3D model and make the content more dense throughout the animation so that the viewer was entertained all of the time.

Practitioners Essay

Practitioner 1:

Matt Groening(The Simpson’s)

The Simpsons started on the 17th of December 1989 and has flourished over the years and because a well-known TV show. After 574 episodes and 26 seasons later it is still going. The Simpsons is an animated TV show and is published by fox.

When this Simpsons started the characters look a little fuzzy and strange but with today’s technology the Simpsons have vastly changed over the years.

When the Simpsons was first aired you could tell that they were hand drawn now the look substantially better and are now in HD resolution. The family was conceived by Groening shortly before a solicitation for a series of animated with the producer James L. Brooks. Since then the Simpsons is the longest running animated American TV show.

The show has much different character’s ranging from a nuclear power plant worker to a crazy doctor. The main characters in the Simpsons are Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson.  The main character Homes is slightly dim-witted individual and also very clumsy. Homer works at a nuclear power plant which is slightly strange because he is not the most intelligent person.

The Simpsons also aired a fully features animated movie which was a great success and was released on the 27th of July 2007 and grossed over $527 million.

There are many different voice actors in the Simpsons and they bring the whole thing to life. Homer is voiced by Dan Castellaneta, Marge is voiced by Julie Kavner, Bart is voiced by Nancy Cartright and Lisa is voiced by Yeardley Smith.

Most of these voice actors do more than once character in the simsons but the Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer voice the most of them.

The opening sequence of the Simpsons is one of the most loved things about it because it is never the same. The opening scene always changes and the end of it by somehow manipulating and changing the Simpsons living room into something else.

The amount of time and effort that goes into each episode of the Simpsons is unbelievable as it takes roughly 6-8 months to make an about 5 days to write. There are always episodes being animated simultaneously to keep up the high demand for these episodes.

This essay describes how the Simpsons begun and how it is still going and throwing out more episodes that ever. The animation process that goes into the Simpsons requires a lot of hard work and determination.



Practitioner 2:

Seth Macfarlane (Family Guy)

Family Guy is an american animated TV show that was created by Seth Macfarlane and was released on the 1st of May 2005. The series has been canceled numerous times but has always been brought back.

The main characters in Family Guy are Peter, Louis, Chris, Meg and Stewie. All these characters are part of the Griffin family. These characters are voiced by loads of different people but the majority are voiced by Seth Macfarlane.

The Animation process is similar to the Simpsons because if you look to when it was released it was fuzzy and sketchy but if you look at it now the animation has improved a lot and it as also now in HD resolution.

These are also other characters that are generally in most of the episodes these are Glen, Joe and Cleveland. These characters usually accompany peter on crazy ventures and end up doing stupid things. Most of the episodes of Family Guy are far from being even close to realistic such as the multiverse episode where they travel to different parallel universes where the world is different. This happens to be my favorite episode.

A lot of hard work and commitment go into the making of family guy as one episode takes roughly 9 months but there are episodes being made simultaneously because one episode a month would not be very much in the long run.

Some people think Family guy is crude and offensive but it depends on your perspective of it. Family guy has had its fair share of law suits as well  such as in In March 2007 comedian Carol Burnett filed a $6 million lawsuit against 20th Century-Fox, claiming that her Charwomen cartoon character had been portrayed on the show without her permission. Things like this could effect the show and have various consequences.

Family guy is great show that is loved and hated by many but the controversy is really flawed because if you think it is vulgar and crude then don’t watch it. The amount of commitment that it takes to make family is vast and the quality of the outcome that everyone has scene is tremendous and hopefully it will continue that way and continue to make more seasons.

I forgot to mention the spin-off series which it called the Cleveland show which didn’t last very long and soon Cleveland was right back where he belonged in Rhode Island.

Family-Guy-HD-Wallpaper fg



I felt that this project went well. Designing the logos were the hardest part of the project as the layout and the designs were hard to manipulate but once I had a few designs done it was easy to make more. The problems I had were trying to come up with a certain idea and the elaborate on it.

I just keep trying new designs and then I eventually got some that worked out in the end. I enjoyed doing the designs and manipulating the color, shape and size.

I didn’t really enjoy the doing the mind maps, as the layout is not very productive, i would rather just list the information.

If I did this again I would first plan out all of my designs before hand by sketching them and then elaborate and improve on them.

Evaluation Reflection and Learning

Interpretation of Brief:

There weren’t really any design problems. The only small problem with the experiment was matching up the shadow graph pattern with the person interacting with it.


The planning was relatively easy as the experiment that we chose wasn’t that complex. The targets that we had set were to get the experiment finished on time and to assign everyone in the group a certain task to do. The final target was to come up with a plan to design a certain pattern for the person to interact with.

Organisation of resources:

All of the main resources were all in and supplied by the college. The program we used was called processing. The tutor had all ready made a sequence that we could elaborate on to create the pattern. I used my mobile phone to capture the actual footage of the experiment other that that all the resources such as the computer, the projector and the white board were all supplied by the college.

Development of Ideas:

We researched different experiments that we could do. Our first planned experiment could not be completed because be did not have the proper resources. For our experiment we did a shadow graph. We had to research different patters to use for the person to interact with in a specific way.


We completed the experiment by following the targets that we had to achieve. The main target was to get the experiment finished on time which we did. We choose to do this experiment because we where already knew quite a bit about shadow graphs and the process as we did it before with the class, we just put our own spin on it and in the end it was a great outcome.

Overall the experiment had a good outcome and the process of doing it was actually quite enjoyable.